Pickup Truck Lyrics

Rodney Carrington

Rodney Carrington - Pickup Truck Lyrics


im gettin married to my pickup truck
it doesn't leave me when im down on my luck
it doesn't shop at fancy stores or have a lawyer
or want a divorce
it doesn't care if I stay out late
it doesn't bitch about the money i make
we'll be together till the end
it won't sleep with my best friend
im gonna get down on one knee
and ask my truck if it'll marry me
i'll never drive another car
we'll honeymoon at the titty bar
we're gonna have the time of our life
the exhaust pipes are tighter than my Ex-wife
you think im crazy, but listen to this
i can bring home a hooker and it won't get pissed no
wedding ring won't cost me a buck
when I get married to my pickup
pickup truck

Song & Lyrics Facts

Rodney Carrington's song "Pickup Truck" is a country music classic. It was released on his 2003 album titled "Greatest Hits".

The genre of the song is Country/Comedy, and it was written by Rodney Carrington himself along with Tim Nichols. Band members include Rodney Carrington (vocals, acoustic guitar), Rich Karg (acoustic guitar) and Eddie Bayers (drums). The lyrics of this song are about a man who longs for a pickup truck that he can drive around town in. He talks about how great life would be if he had one, and how all the ladies would love him. This song has become an iconic part of Rodney Carrington's repertoire, and it still remains popular today.

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