The Nile Lyrics

Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana - The Nile Lyrics


Woke up into a dream and I was walking
Up and down the streets of Cairo
And then I heard a voice that said I know you
It's time for you to turn and face me

Her hair was long, her eyes reached out and touch me
She said I know just what is you're after
Death is all around you, so you look for freedom
I know where to find it, let's go to the river

We sailed upon the Nile, I was enchanted by the beauty in her magic
She showed me that my fears were unimportant
And then she touched me with her vision

Her skin was dark, her voice was liquid fire
She said I am your mate and soul's desire
Love is all around you, light is deep within you
Life is always flowing, let's go down the river

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