Brown Boxes Lyrics

The Spinto Band

The Spinto Band - Brown Boxes Lyrics


I've got this notion
that moving out is better
Than this commotion
If she complains I wont let her

Tell me what to do
And when she wants to argue
I'll remind her that we're through

A late reminder
In post-it notes and marker
Were I not kinder
Her black eye would be darker

And all these brown boxes
Haven't helped me move one bit
In half-empty rooms they sit

Stay, that's where they will stay
I could never say
"I would never say
This is over"

I've got this cupid, humble from a woolen sacket
It's pretty stupid, but none-the-less I'll pack it
And this boxcutter's too dull
Other wise I'd end it all
There's still boxes in the hall

And stay, that's where they will stay
I could never place any other blame
And how could you even go
On living if it's so unintentional
I'd like to know

Song & Lyrics Facts

The Spinto Band's song "Brown Boxes" was released in 2006 as part of the album Nice and Nicely Done. The track was written by Nick Krill, Thomas Hughes and Jon Eaton and performed by the band made up of Nick Krill, Thomas Hughes, Jon Eaton, Joe Hobson, Sam Hughes, Jeff Hobson and Pernell Salinas.

This upbeat indie rock tune is about getting away from life’s troubles and finding solace in a simpler place. The lyrics talk about packing up all your things and leaving to find an easier way of living.

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