Legendary Child Lyrics


Aerosmith - Legendary Child Lyrics


Leeeegeeendaaary Chiiiild
(I'll tell ya' what im talkin' about)

Makin' love at seventeen
yeah we had the luck
But we traded em' toys
for other joys

yeah we did't give a
(Woah oh oh oh)
I took a chance at the high school dance
never knowin' wrong from right
and that same show 40 years ago
bein' televised tonight

'Cause journey from inside my head
to the Taj Mahal

I went from never havin' none
to wanna have it all
I want to keep that dream alive
and eat that honey from the hive
all the noise

and all the clamour
No suprise
you know i am a
(I think that what im tryin' 'ta say)

Sticks and stones will break your bones
at least they'll re-arrange

i drop a dime every time
i get myself a nickel's change

they say we don't know jack
and then we proved em' wrong
we traded in our soul's at night
and sold em' for a song!
And if satan had a lady friend
her name was Mary Jane
i never wondered why she tryed
to drive us quite insane
And how we got that golden fleece
from tokin' on that pipe of peace
But yet as far as i can see
there is a god
'cause i got me a
Whoa oh, Whoa oh
Whoa oh, Whoa oh
Whoa oh, Whoa oh
Whoa oh, Whoa oh
Whoa oh, Whoa oh

Song & Lyrics Facts

Aerosmith's song "Legendary Child" is a single from their fifteenth studio album Music From Another Dimension!, released in 2012. The genre of the song is hard rock, and it was written by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Marti Frederiksen.

Aerosmith consists of lead singer Steven Tyler, guitarists Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, bassist Tom Hamilton, and drummer Joey Kramer. The lyrics to “Legendary Child” tell the story of a young man who wants to live up to his father’s legacy. According to an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the song was inspired by an old demo that Tyler wrote for the band back in 1991. This makes the song particularly special as it marks the 20th anniversary of Aerosmith's iconic ballad "Livin' on the Edge".

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