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MYA - Lover Lyrics


Fighting myself over loving
Too hard and I hate always falling
Hate always falling for it every time
Restless, always got someone on my mind
Something's telling me I'll never find
Who it is I'm looking for
I'm no lover
I'm no lover
I just wanna love her
But I'm no lover
No lover
Can't love her

Song & Lyrics Facts

"MYA - Lover" is a popular R&B song that showcases the romantic side of MYA's music. It is part of her self-titled album, "MYA." The artist has been known for her smooth and sultry voice, which undoubtedly shines in this track.

The genre of the song falls under contemporary R&B, which was quite popular during the early 2000s. The lyrics of "MYA - Lover" were written by several writers, including Mya Harrison herself. Other notable text writers include Jazze Pha, Kevin Hicks, and Sean Garrett. MYA's band members have also played an essential role in bringing the song together. They include guitarists, drummers, bass players, keyboardists, and backup singers who helped create the perfect melody to complement MYA's vocals. As a music lover, I find "MYA - Lover" to be a well-written and beautifully composed song. The message of the song revolves around love and relationships, which are common themes in R&B music. However, what sets it apart from other love ballads is its ability to convey feelings of passion, sensuality, and desire without being too explicit or vulgar. The listener can sense the emotions conveyed through MYA's voice and the instrumental arrangement, making it a timeless classic in the R&B genre.

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