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Khaled - Sahra Lyrics


Hadi hobbab il leela rani andihom waah
Nebghi adoo yaay adma wedali gowwedeh waah
Nebghi adoo yaay yama weedoor fizzeneq waah
Willi gharou minna eedirou keefna waah

Sahra bled irramla, sahra bled il temra
Sobri sobri ya layli taay farraj rabbi

Ma tebki matshafeeni konti tkhemmi waah
Aayit feek nsa3ef hatta raayeetinif waah
La3bou beek oo biya issil3a inneksa waah
Ki ma bekeeteeni lyoum gla3ti li lihmoun waah
Sahra bled innakhla, sahra bled il tamra
Sobri sobri ya layle taay farraj rabbi

Song & Lyrics Facts

Khaled's song "Sahra" was released in 1996 on his second studio album, Khaled. It was written by Khaled and Cheb Mami and produced by Don Was.

The song features a band of traditional Arabic instruments such as oud, violin and percussion. Lyrically, the track is an ode to Sahra, the desert of North Africa. In the lyrics, Khaled expresses his love for the beauty of nature and the simplicity of life in the desert. He also speaks of his longing for home and his desire to return there one day.

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