Ouelli El Darek Lyrics


Khaled - Ouelli El Darek Lyrics


Ouelli il darek wee raki rayha
Ma golt ayma golt kelma taayha
Ouelli il darek hadi zaafa oo fayta
Yizzeeni kanni z'aafek tgoolee nta

Hadi haalet il miryool ki ghadi ngool yaa layli
Nesbah nsellem wahshiya problemme oo yaaa

Min baad ma golt mola khayma weleet etranger ya layla
Oo sharooli bil ghaybi oo galou bondi wyaaa

Haddartik widdegreejtik khallawni nshik oo ya layli
Lamma yitfaddal maa bisseema il barda oo yaa

Song & Lyrics Facts

Khaled's single 'Ouelli El Darek' was released on October 28, 2000 as part of his eighth studio album Kenza. The song was written by Khaled himself and produced by Don Was.

It features the Algerian Raï band Faudel and Cheb Mami. The lyrics of this upbeat track tell a story about an old man who is reminiscing about his past life and loves. The chorus translates to “My heart says that I should go back” in English. This song is considered to be one of Khaled's signature songs, becoming an instant hit among fans.

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