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Kansas - Reason To Be Lyrics


So long, someone is waiting
I got places to go, I got things to see

No more procrastinating
For this is the moment that was meant for me

And I'm moving like a wave on the ocean
Drifting to the opposite ride
Traveling with no destination
Just riding the tide

People, they say that I'm foolish
They say that I'm living in a fantasy

Well, I say, "Every thing's easy
It's better than living in futility"

So, I'm standing here in back of the curtain
Waiting for the start of the show
Acting like an actor is easy
If you can let go

Someday something will find you
A magical feeling you could not foresee

A feeling so devastating
From that moment on your life's a comedy

And suddenly you're light as a feather
You're falling like a leaf from a tree
The things you thought you needed are fading
Your reason to be, your reason to be
Your reason to be

Reason, reason to be
Reason, reason to be
Reason, reason to be

Song & Lyrics Facts

Kansas is an American rock band from Topeka, Kansas. They are known for their progressive and art rock style of music that has been popular since the 1970s.

Their song "Reason to Be" was released in 1983 as part of their album Drastic Measures. It was written by Kerry Livgren and Steve Walsh, who were both members of the band. The lyrics focus on finding a reason to be alive and appreciating all the good things in life. A strong message of hope and optimism can be heard throughout the song. The song was well received by fans and critics alike, making it one of Kansas' most beloved songs.

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