Ag Pleez Deddy Lyrics

Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor - Ag Pleez Deddy Lyrics


Ag pleez Deddy won't you take us to the drive-in
All six, seven of us, eight, nine, ten
We wanna see a flick about
Tarzan an' the Ape-men
An' when the show is over you can bring us back again

Popcorn, chewing gum, peanuts an' bubble gum
Ice cream, candy floss an' Eskimo Pie
Ag Deddy how we miss
Nigger balls an' licorice
Pepsi Cola, ginger beer
and Canada Dry

Ag Pleez Deddy won't you take us to the fun-fair
We wanna have a ride on the bumper-cars
We'll buy a stick of candy floss
And eat it on the Octopus
Then we'll take the rocket ship that goes to Mars


Ag pleez Deddy won't you take us to the wrestling
We wanna see an ou called Sky High Lee
When he fights Willie Liebenberg
There's gonna be a murder
'Cos Willie's gonna donner that blerrie yankee


Ag pleez Deddy won't you take us off to Durban
It's only eight hours in the Chevro-lay
There's spans of sea an' sand an' sun
And fish in the aquari-yum
That's a lekker place for a holi-day


Ag Pleez Deddy - VOETSEK!

Ag sis Deddy if we can't kraak to bioscope
Or go off to Durban, life's a heng of a bore
If you won't take us to the zoo
Then what the heck else can we do
But go on out and moere all the oukies next door


Song & Lyrics Facts

Jeremy Taylor's "Ag Pleez Deddy" was released in 1968 on the album of the same name. It was written by Jeremy Taylor and produced by Eddie Thomas for EMI Records.

The song features a simple, catchy melody that has become an iconic South African classic. The lyrics tell the story of a young boy asking his dad to buy him a bicycle, but being told he must work hard to earn it himself. The band accompanying Jeremy Taylor is made up of some of the best session musicians from the time. The song was a massive hit when it was first released, reaching number 1 on the South African charts. It remained popular throughout the years and is still played regularly today. Its upbeat tempo and lighthearted lyrics make it one of the most memorable songs of its era. The song’s success also helped launch Jeremy Taylor’s career as a singer-songwriter, with many more hits following “Ag Pleez Deddy”. To this day, people across South Africa continue to sing along to the timeless lyrics.

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