Tell Me What Is Love (D.O. Solo) (Live) Lyrics


EXO - Tell Me What Is Love (D.O. Solo) (Live) Lyrics


Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Play another slow jam
This is my property Tell me what is love
Nareul saranghaji anheun neoreul ijeun-chae
Hago sipeottdeon modeun-geol hago sarado
Moeritseog-e neon jeoldae jiwojijiga anha dodaeche.

Wae neon nal jakku mireonaeyaman haettna?
Geureolsurok dagaseon naega igijeogin maeumi-eottna?
Ireon saeng-gakdeur-ro domangchi-jido-mot-hae
Iddange jeongmal sarangin-ge majeulkka?

He-eojil junbiga andwaesseo Wait a minute (for me)
Gidarimeun neomu gireunde Has no limit
Daedab eobtneun neol jakku bul-leodo me-ariman dorawa
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh

Neoreul ilhgodo saraganeun naega neomu shiljiman
‘Eonjen-ganeun'-irago baraenda
Tell me what is love
Tell me what is love
Oh Oh

Song & Lyrics Facts

"Tell Me What Is Love (D.O. Solo)" is a live single released by the South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO, on July 6th, 2018 as part of their fifth studio album "Don't Mess Up My Tempo".

The song was written by Kenzie and Kim Dong Hyun with lyrics by Yoon Jong Shin. It features vocals from member D.O., who has become known for his emotional solo performances in recent years. The genre of the track is K-Pop, combining elements of EDM and R&B to create an upbeat yet emotive sound. The accompanying music video shows the members performing together on stage, while also featuring individual shots of each of them. Fans have praised the performance for its powerful delivery and passionate energy.

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