Simon Bolivar Lyrics

Inti Illimani

Inti Illimani - Simon Bolivar Lyrics


Sim?n Bol?var, Sim?n,
caraque?o americano,
el suelo venezolano
le dio la fuerza a tu voz.
Sim?n Bol?var, Sim?n,
naci? de tu Venezuela
y por todo el tiempo vuela
como candela tu voz.
Como candela que va
se?alando un rumbo cierto
en este suelo cubierto
de muertos con dignidad

Sim?n bol?var, Sim?n,
revivido en las memorias
que abri? otro tiempo la historia,
te espera el tiempo Sim?n.
Sim?n Bol?var, raz?n,
raz?n del pueblo profunda,
antes que todo se hunda
vamos de nuevo Sim?n.
Sim?n Bol?var, Sim?n,
en el sur la voz amiga,
es la voz de Jos? Artigas
que tambi?n ten?a raz?n

Song & Lyrics Facts

Inti Illimani is a Chilean folk music group formed in 1967. The song "Simon Bolivar" was released as part of their album, Libertad (Freedom) in 1993 and written by the band's members Horacio Salinas, Jorge Coulon, Claudio Parra and Roberto Moya.

This album featured lyrics inspired by Latin American revolutionary heroes such as Simon Bolivar and Che Guevara. The band consists of seven members: three guitarists, two percussionists, an accordionist and a bass player. Inti Illimani has achieved worldwide recognition for its unique fusion of traditional Andean music with modern progressive rock elements. The lyrics of this song pays tribute to Simon Bolivar, who freed much of South America from Spanish rule during the early 19th century. It urges people to continue his legacy and keep fighting for freedom and justice.

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