Warbots A.M. Lyrics

Cephalic Carnage

Cephalic Carnage - Warbots A.M. Lyrics


The technocrats are gaining
Prolonged hostility has begun
All that has been learned from the divergence
Of our past are under siege

Argon lasers fly
A new soldier emerges
Prototype D666303
More advanced than a droid could ever be

With infra red scanner eyes heat seeking disablers
Titanium bones and flesh
Galvinis skin, hate for blood
Virtually indestructible

Human like, designed to kill the Cordyceps
Or remove the infected spores
We were there for the frozen wars
Could not help the creator

Soon human life was gone
Knowing all they knew, we try to forge on
But 666 has grown way too strong
And now everything is wrong

Our programs are old, viruses persist
Without man for data how do we exist
Only 6 evolves
Taking lives with little resolve

We are its foe
The Warbot army grows
All life is bio-mechanized
At arms in millions of rows

Our purpose and desire
Slaying clay
Metal plating of the earth
Living it's funeral birth

Humans somewhat cared
About their beloved race
We were here to help
Make this a more convenient place

When they disappeared
Alien forces reappeared
Bringing forth 666
The sins he will inflict

The ghost of execution
Leads his way
After man has fallen
The four horsemen ride away

The Warbot planet strives
But there circuitry slowly dies
Rusty tarnish can be seen
Batteries cannot recharge

Never changing landscape
Magnetic clouds release acid rain
On metallic fiber optic trees
Transformed creatures of smelt

Drown in mercury waves
Near the shores of Repangaea
A corroded slave made to bear the heat
In league with C'thulu to exterminate the spirit realm

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