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Gipsy Kings

Gipsy Kings - Madre Mia Lyrics


Yo me encuentro solito
si no te tengo a mi lado
y ahora que no vivo
porque sin ti me muero
Madre Mia, Madre Mia

Madre Mia, Madre Mia
Madre Mia, Madre Mia
de mi alma

Madre Mia mia de mi alma
no te vaya de mi vera
porque sin ti no vivo
Muchas penas yo tengo
no vivo, no vivo

Madre Mia, Madre Mia
Madre Mia, Madre Mia
de mi alma

Song & Lyrics Facts

The Gipsy Kings' song "Madre Mia" was released on their 1989 album Mosaïque. The band is comprised of the Baliardo brothers, Nicolas, Canut, Patchai, Andre and Tonino as well as Diego Baliardo, Paco Baliardo and Chico Bouchikhi.

They are widely known for their flamenco-influenced pop sound. The lyrics to "Madre Mia" were written by Nicolas Reyes and Tonino Baliardo. The song has become a fan favorite over the years due to its upbeat tempo and passionate vocal delivery. An interesting fact about this song is that it was used in the soundtrack for the 1993 movie Sliver starring Sharon Stone. It is also featured on several compilation albums including Greatest Hits (1998) and The Very Best Of (2001).

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