Explosions Of Grandeur Lyrics


Fleurie - Explosions Of Grandeur Lyrics


I need the undoing, need the aftermath
The cold water slap, the narrow hatch
The stairs to where the stars collapse
The great unknown, the great relapse

I need an ultimatum
In red-rimmed constellation
More than a realisation
A clean transfiguration

I need more than words
I need more than words

I need the return, need the violent edge
The wake up call, the hidden ledge
Take me to the entrance, to the scarlet thread
The one-shot arrow, the sacred pledge

I need the truth verbatim
In waves of infiltration
A brave approximation
A hallowed reformation

I need more than words
I need more than words
I need more than words
I need more than words

I need more than words
Affixed to meanings
More than sky and ceilings
I need more than words
Empty pages bleeding
To contain a feeling

I need those airwaves, the pen, the tongue
That nervous laugh, the setting sun
I need an answer, thought I had one
Oh, I need an answer, thought I had one
I need more than words

Song & Lyrics Facts

`Explosions of Grandeur` is a song by Fleurie, a Nashville-based singer-songwriter. It is the first track on her second album Portals, which was released on August 17, 2018.

The song has a music video that was released on February 14, 2019. The song is about seeking adventure and transcendence in life, as well as facing fears and challenges. The lyrics use imagery of fireworks, stars, oceans and mountains to convey a sense of wonder and awe. The song also expresses a desire for connection and intimacy with someone who can share the journey. Some of the main messages in the lyrics are: Life is full of opportunities and possibilities that can be explored and enjoyed. There is beauty and mystery in nature and the universe that can inspire us and make us feel alive. We need courage and faith to overcome our doubts and insecurities and pursue our dreams. We are not alone in our quest for meaning and happiness. We can find someone who understands us and supports us along the way.

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