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Peret - Borriquito Lyrics


Borriquito como tu. Tu-Ru-Ru
Que no sabes ni la U

Borriquito como tu

Yo se mas que tu.



Borriquito como tu. Tu-Ru-Ru.
Que no sabes ni la U
Ru. Ru

Borriquito como tu

Yo se mas que tu.

Yo soy el cantante

Yo soy el poeta

Soy el mas querido
Soy el preferido
De la juventud . . .
Con solo seis letras
H ago mil canciones
Y todos aplauden
Con gran entusiasmo
Mis inspiraciones.

Les canto a las chicas
Canto al tabernero.
Canto a la portera
Canto a lo que sea
Canto al mundo entero.
Y con este acento
Parezco extranjero
Pero soy de vigo
Me hago Ilamar Peter
Y mi nombre es Pedro.

Borriquito como tu. Tu-Ru-Ru. . . . .

Song & Lyrics Facts

Peret - Borriquito is a popular Spanish song, released in 1971 on the album El Muerto Vivo by Peret. The artist and bandleader of this classic flamenco-pop group was Pedro Pubill Calaf (known as Peret).

The genre of the song is flamenco pop and it was written by Manolo Escobar, Antonio Fernández and José Cano. The song features various members of the group including Peret himself, Juan Bautista, Pepe Pinto, Mariano Martinez and Felipe Campuzano. The song has become an international hit over the years with its catchy lyrics about a little donkey named Borriquito. It is often used in movies and television shows and is still performed live today. The lyrics tell the story of a small donkey who goes to the market every day to buy food for his family but finds that he can't afford anything because he doesn't have enough money.

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