Heritage Lyrics

Earth (Feat. Wind & Fire)

Earth, Wind & Fire - Heritage Lyrics


Maurice White, Lestley R. Pierce & Frankie Blue

the boys
we're just chillin' with Eart, Wind & Fire
this is my desire
talking 'bout culture
I'm a vulture
just like the beat

chillin' with Earth, Wind & Fire

everybody take a look around
what do you see
when I look
there's faces everywhere
lookin' back at me
their eyes keep telling me stories
don't understand
in my mind
there's many, many questions
bout who I am

just be proud of the land
where your blood comes from
no one can take away
what you have done
hold your head up high
cultures stand eye to eye
one people living under one sun

be proud
sing it out loud
take your rightful place
it's you heritage
so stand tall
don't be small
show true face
it's your heritage

everybody walks a little different
to keep the pace
gotta have pride
just to be a winner
in the human race
in school, the rules don't fly
out on the street, tell me why
people of the nation can't feel the same beat



we're living in a colorful world
all shades of love
each carrying a ray of hope
sent down from above

yo Marice: break it down for me allright
The Boys chillin' wit Earth, Wind and Flames
they asked us to sing a few notes
so we came
realized the meaning of the song
so we sung
with all our heart and soul
and hopefully we brung
a message to all
to not be small
to stand up tall
and to give it your all
let's have a ball y'all
pump it up!


Song & Lyrics Facts

Earth, Wind & Fire's "Heritage" is a funk-soul song released in 1980 on the album of the same name. The band was written by band members Philip Bailey and Larry Dunn and produced by Maurice White.

The lyrics address themes of heritage, ancestry, and cultural pride as they sing “We’re proud to say we’ve come so far/And our heritage will live forevermore". Earth, Wind & Fire has been praised for their unique sound that blends elements of jazz, soul, R&B, funk, rock, and disco into an unforgettable mix. The group continues to be one of the most successful acts in music history with 9 Grammy Awards and 4 American Music Awards. "Heritage" is still celebrated today as it celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

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