Railin Oligal Lyrics

Blue Star (Feat. Pradeep Kumar)

Blue Star, Pradeep Kumar, Shakthisree Gopalan - Railin Oligal Lyrics


Railin Oligal Unaiye Thedudhe
Athirum Paraiyai Ithayam Adudhe
Undhan Kai Veesidum Poi Jadai Ennai
Edhen Thottathil Veesudhe

Un Oor Thandidum Raiyil Palam Mel
En Boomi Mudindhu Vidudhe

En Thayodum Kooradha, Varttaikkul Nan Neendhuren Kandhurane
Kanakkanum Poraikkul Kalattha Adakkakkuren Thekkuren
Manmelodum Mazhatthanni Pol Nalzum Nilamaruren Thooruren
Pazhaginra Nenjukku Palparva Nee Vakkura Kakkura

Kodi Vasangal Ennai Theendi Ponalum
Uyirai Theendadho Un Vasam
Boomi Theerndhalum Theeradha
Raiyail Padhai Kadhal Ondre Anbe
(Anbe! Anbe! Anbe! Anbe! Anbe! Anbe!)

Song & Lyrics Facts

"Railin Oligal" is a song by Blue Star, Pradeep Kumar, and Shakthisree Gopalan. It belongs to the Tamil film soundtrack genre.

The lyrics of this track were written by Madhan Karky and it features instrumentation by band members from various bands. The main message conveyed in "Railin Oligal" is about the journey of life. The lyrics talk about how life can be unpredictable with its twists and turns, but one should always keep moving forward. The song encourages listeners to embrace challenges, overcome obstacles, and not give up on their dreams. It also emphasizes the importance of staying positive, having faith, and believing in oneself even during tough times. Overall, the song inspires listeners to stay strong and persevere through life's ups and downs. As a fan of Tamil film soundtracks, I find "Railin Oligal" to be a standout track. Its catchy melody, upbeat tempo, and inspiring lyrics make it an uplifting and motivational tune that you can't help but sing along to. The blend of different vocal styles from each artist adds a unique touch to the song, making it stand out from other tracks in the same genre. The messages communicated in the lyrics resonate with me as they remind me to stay optimistic and determined no matter what challenges come my way.

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