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Accept - Pandemic Lyrics


In the cool of the evening, when the fires start burning bright
Hear the twilight callin', as the flames burst into the night
It's creeping in your bloodstream... like a Metal disease

Underneath the streetlights, everything is larger than life
Ya hear the roar, see it gleaming like the edge on a switch-blade knife
A worldwide eruption... underneath your skin
Worldwide corruption... slowly seeping in,

It's a pandemic
It's a metal disease... pandemic
Brain cell abduction, creeping in like sin, it's a pandemic...
'A metal disease... pandemic
Brain cell destruction, breeding metal from within...

Give into the venom, circulating underneath the skin
Like mercury poison, liquid metal boils within
Spreading like a wildfire, burning up the earth
Caught in the crossfire, all around the world
There's no way to stop it now...

It's a pandemic
It's a metal disease... pandemic
Burnt in your hard drive, smokin' up the earth, like a Pandemic
A pandemic... it's a metal disease

Pandemic... wow, it's a metal disease
Pandemic... caught in the barbed wire, it's underneath the skin
It's a pandemic... it's a metal disease

It's creeping in your bloodstream
It's a pandemic!... it's a metal disease

Song & Lyrics Facts

Accept is a German heavy metal band that released their song "Pandemic" in 2020. The song was featured on the album Too Mean to Die, which was written and produced by Accept members Wolf Hoffmann, Mark Tornillo, Uwe Lulis, Christopher Williams, and Martin Motnik.

The lyrics of "Pandemic" were written by Wolf Hoffmann and Mark Tornillo. The song paints a vivid picture of the struggles many people have faced during the pandemic, with the lyrics conveying feelings of fear, confusion, and uncertainty. In addition, it also speaks to the power of resilience when facing adversity, as evidenced by the chorus: “We’re gonna fight this thing together/ We will rise up from these ashes/ And we’ll be stronger than before/ Pandemic!”

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