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Zee Avi

Zee Avi - Kantoi Lyrics


Semalam I call you, you tak answer
You kata you keluar - 'diner'
You kata you keluar dengan kawan you
But when I call Tommy, he said it wasn't true
So I drove my car pergi Damansara
Tommy kata maybe you tengok bola
Tapi bila I sampai you - you tak ada
Lagilah I jadi gila

So I call and call sampai you answer
You kata 'Sorry sayang, tadi tak dengar'
'My phone was on silent - I was at the gym'
Tapi latar belakang suara perempuan lain

Sudahlah sayang I don't believe you
For since long that your words were never true
Why am I with u - I pun tak tahu
No wonderlah my friends pun tak suka you

So I guess that's the end of our story
Akhir kata, she accepted his apology
Tapi last last kita dapat tahu she was cheating too
With her ex-boyfriend's best friend - Tommy

Song & Lyrics Facts

"Kantoi" is a song by Malaysian singer-songwriter Zee Avi, released on her self-titled debut album in 2008. The genre of the song is indie pop and it was written by Zee Avi herself.

The band members include Zee Avi (vocals, ukulele), Peter Adams (guitar) and Joe Gore (bass). "Kantoi" has become one of Zee Avi's most successful singles since its release, becoming an international hit and even reaching number 1 on Malaysia's music charts. The lyrics tell the story of a girl who is caught cheating on her lover and must face the consequences. It's a classic tale of heartbreak and regret, but with a unique twist as told through Zee Avi's soulful vocals and catchy melodies.

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