Resuscitate Lyrics


Wintersleep - Resuscitate Lyrics


You steal my heart
You shot me dead
My murderer
Under my parents bed
Drunk with wine
Let a day drift
Your skin on mine
Swallow my secret

Look at where/when? We started
Blood/bled for the broken heart-ed
Dust/past? For my dear departed
Resuscitate they never let me die
I create a story
You can replay/repay? The lines
Doesn't matter if that story never ever ever comes to never comes to life

Defibrillize my open chest
Still in the night
Despite my best intent
Drunk with spite
And ugliness
Your skin on mine
Your lips are all i
Retrace your lies
Redraw your steps
You fill my eyes
My will my spirit
Your still the one, your still the one, your still the one, be still

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