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Whiskeytown - Jacksonville Skyline Lyrics


The banks of the river run through my hometown
As a boy, I ran the dirt roads, and I scraped my knees
Well they paved the roads eventually
With neon signs and car dealerships and diners

The soldiers fill the hotels on the weekends
I saw the pretty women as I walked through town

Well, I moved away soon as I turned sixteen
Figured I was old enough to go and work a job
Well I floated down main street, pools of car lights
Overcame me, wishing I was still back home

The soldiers fill the hotels on the weekends
I saw the pretty women as I walked through town

Well, Jacksonville's a city with a hopeless streetlight
Seems like you're lucky if it ever change from red to green
I was born in an abundance of inherited sadness
And .50 cent picture frames bought at a five and dime

I ended up a soldier on the weekend
Looking for a vacancy I wasn't able to find
Somewhere the night sky hangs like a blanket
Shoot it with my cap gun just to make it
Seem like stars

Song & Lyrics Facts

Whiskeytown - Jacksonville Skyline is a song from the album Strangers Almanac, released in 1997 by Americana/alt-country band Whiskeytown. The group was led by singer-songwriter Ryan Adams and included Caitlin Cary (fiddle), Phil Wandscher (guitar) and Steve Grothmann (bass).

Written by Ryan Adams and Phil Wandscher, the song has an upbeat country sound with lyrics that tell of a longing for home. It speaks of the beauty of Jacksonville, Florida, and its skyline, while at the same time conveying a feeling of nostalgia and homesickness. The song's poignant words have been described as "one of the most touching lyrical moments on any record".

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