Lost (2000 Remaster) Lyrics

Van Der Graaf Generator

Van Der Graaf Generator - Lost (2000 Remaster) Lyrics


a.) The Dance in Sand and Sea

So here we are, or rather, here am I, quite alone;
I'm seeing things that were shared before, long ago;
my memory stretches and I am dazed.
You know I know
how good the time was and how I laughed.
Times have changed, now you're far away, I can't complain -
I had all my chances but they slipped right through my hands
like so much sand;
I know I'll never dance like I used to.

I'll just wait till day breaks upon the land and the sea,
hoping that I can catch all of the memories;
then I must crawl off upon my way,
all of me listening hard for the final words.
But there are none, the sunrise calls, I've lingered on
too close for comfort and I don't know quite why
I feel like crying -
I know we'll never dance like we used to.

I look up, I'm almost blinded
by the warmth of what's inside me
and the taste that's in my soul,
but I'm dead inside as I stand alone.

b.) The Dance in Frost

I wore my moods like different sets of clothes
but the right one was never around
and as you left I heard my body ring
and my mind began to howl.
It was far to late to contemplate the meaning of it all;
You know that I need you, but somehow
I don't think you see my love at all.

At some point I lost you, I don't know quite how that was.
The wonderland lay in a coat of white, chilling frost;
I looked around and I found I was truly lost...
without your hand in mine I am dead.
Reality is unreal and games I've tried just aren't the same:
without your smile there's nowhere to hide
and deep inside
I know I've never cried as I'm about to ...

If I could just frame the words
that would make your fire burn
all this water now around me could be the love
that should surround me.

Looking out through the tears that blind me
my heart bleeds that you may find me
or at least that I can
forget and be numb,
but I can't stop, the words still come:
I love you.

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