Blood And Fire Lyrics

Type O Negative

Type O Negative - Blood And Fire Lyrics


I always thought we'd be together
And that our love could not be better
Well, with no warning you were gone
I still don't know what went wrong
You don't know what I've been through
Just want to put my love in you
No more nights
Of blood and fire
All those special memories
Now I bleed for you-burn for me
Perhaps I was just dreaming
When I think these things had real meaning
You don't know what I've been through
Just want to put my love in you
Love eternal
Lust infernal
Bleeding, burning
Needing, yearning
I see your face in every flame
With no answers, I have only myself to blame
Of all the women I have known-they're not you
I'd rather be alone

Song & Lyrics Facts

Type O Negative's song "Blood and Fire" was released in 1993 on the album Bloody Kisses. It was written by Peter Steele, Josh Silver, Kenny Hickey and Sal Abruscato of Type O Negative.

The song is a dark, gothic metal track that features heavy guitar riffs and haunting lyrics. Its chorus includes the line “blood and fire, I'm your slave” which serves as an anthem for anyone who has ever felt oppressed or enslaved to their own emotions. The song also contains elements of doom metal and industrial rock, making it one of Type O Negative's most unique tracks. Its lyrical content deals with themes such as death, despair, and freedom from oppression. With its powerful message and unique sound, "Blood and Fire" continues to be a fan favorite among Type O Negative fans.

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