Returns A King Lyrics

Tyler Bates

Tyler Bates - Returns A King Lyrics


The falling rain
The black drops burn the frozen hearts with guit and pain
Surrounded by fear no where to run!

The star that shines an dawn
Brings us back the hope that once was stolen
By the sin that kills the human souls in chains

Time will come Well, I don't know the day
But we most wait for our King's Returning
Let's stand up and pray

We all can see the tragedies
The horrors of the world wide misery
It's the scene of an kind blinded by the liar

Song & Lyrics Facts

Tyler Bates - Returns a King is an epic orchestral track released on the album 300: Rise of an Empire (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) in 2014. Written by Tyler Bates and performed by his band, the song features powerful lyrics that tell the story of the heroic return of a king to reclaim his kingdom.

The intense music and strong vocals create a stirring atmosphere that captures the emotion of the scene from the movie. With its grandiose sound and sweeping melodies, this track is sure to inspire listeners with its heroic message.

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