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Two Minds Crack

Two Minds Crack - Upside Down Lyrics


2 Minds Crack
Upside Down
I've been spending some time
thinking i'd be alright,
don't know if I could really make it tonight,
lie awake in the dark,
come down then I start,
thinking about you is almost breaking my heart.
I don't know where I went wrong, or what's going on,
baby, I fell like our love's lost tonigt.
should I stay, should I go?
well, I really don't know.
lately I've been missing you so.

Baby, you don't understand our love lies lost
but you're still holding my hand.
Oh and then you walk away,
just tonight, I want you to stay.

You're turning me on,
you turn me around,
you turn me whole world upside down. (repeat 2nd stanza of chorus)

Everytime I hurt you, well it's hurting me too.
Don't know if I could really stay here tonight.
Tired of thinking of you,
I never think that you do,
tell me what am I supposed to do.
Well, I just wanted to say that I need you today.
Tell me it's all gonna work out alright.
I don't know where I should I start,
but with all of my heart,
baby let me be your lover tonight.

Song & Lyrics Facts

"Upside Down", the hit single from Jack Johnson's 2005 album In Between Dreams, is an upbeat and uplifting song that speaks of finding hope in life's darkest moments. It was written by Johnson himself and features his signature laid-back sound.

The genre of this track is acoustic rock with a hint of reggae, which makes it stand out from other songs on the album. The lyrics are simple yet powerful, offering encouragement to anyone who needs it. Johnson's bandmates for the recording were Adam Topol (drums), Merlo Podlewski (bass), Zach Gill (keyboards) and Dan Lebowitz (guitar). This song has become one of Johnson's most beloved hits and continues to be played around the world.

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