My Lost Lenore (Live) Lyrics


Tristania - My Lost Lenore (Live) Lyrics


For thy promise bewailed
By her raveneyes
By her beauty and a scarlet sunrise
May thy river bury her silvertears
A fallen angel... enshrined in moonlit seas

Leaving vitality
So serene breeds my darkness
Entreating winterwinds
Though I leave... I embrace thee

Conceal thy precious angellore
I secrete my soul
Under thy wings of sorrow
Dark I embrace thy eyes
Wander lost on life's narrow path
I reveal my heart
To this beauty dressed in dark

Grieving raveneyes
Falls asleep with the sunrise
Delightful midsummer breeze
Though I leave... I await thee

Grant me thy last midsummer breeze
May thou ascend from endless sleep
... my desire
Dance me above thy moonlit seas
Glance yearningly into the deep
A cold and weary night

Descending me like flakes of snow
I embrace the cold
For a life that morrows
Dark I embrace thy heart
Wanderer lost beyond veils of dawn
I conceal thy loss
Enthralled in life yet still I mourn
My lost Lenore...

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