Nothing At All Lyrics


Timeflies - Nothing At All Lyrics


Everything I ever need
Is sittin right in front of me
And I don’t even know it yet
But hopefully someday I’ll see
This is my drug
And this drug is like your love
And your love is like the peace that gets me flier than a dove
And that’s higher than above
I admire what it does
But as long as I’m left searchin then it never is enough
When it all comes crashing down will you still keep standing up

No sleep
No time
No words
That I could rearrange to say
With no lights
And no lines
Nothin holding me back so I press play and then there’s
Nothing at all
Cuz I don’t need
Nothing at all

I’m never gonna turn it down
But every time I turn around
Somethin makes me look away
But it’s feelin like the time is now
It’s lookin real
Still the truth is feelin fake
When you stare into the mirror wonder how much can you take
I could never take a break
For this dream I’ll never shake
Is it what you did that got you here or was it always fate
And when it all comes closer now just how long will you wait

Make me move
Make me wonder why
Make me understand
How you take me high
Somethin’s different here
Though this must be the place
All the pain I feel is vanishing without a trace
I don’t ever wanna lose this touch
Never take it away
I don’t ever wanna lose this rush
I get from pressing play
Beating like it’s my own heart
See this is what I keep running for
So just gimme this ’cause I need nothing more

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