Seeing Angels Lyrics

The John Butler Trio

The John Butler Trio - Seeing Angels Lyrics


Why do I deserve such a visit
From the one I thought I'd never meet.
Beyond my greatest expectations.
You exceeded everything.
Well here I am

Take me for what you see
For I'm transparent in the light of you.
And look inside,
See that fire burning bright
The same one you rekindled inside me

My mouth was dry
only you quenched my thirst
I thought I was last
You told me I was first.

And I thought I was seeing Angels
And now I know I was.
your wings around me
Feel good they always does .

So there I was
Ain't the same man I used to be
But do you still like what you in me.
For I am frightened
Shed so much I clung onto
The only thing I got left is this guitar and you.

Nowhere to run
Been out here too long
Under the sun.
Am I too afraid
To get some.
To afraid to give myself some shade
I hope and pray I do some day.

Song & Lyrics Facts

The John Butler Trio's song "Seeing Angels" was released on their album Sunrise Over Sea in 2004. The band, consisting of John Butler (guitar/vocals), Byron Luiters (bass) and Jason McGann (drums), wrote the lyrics which describe a spiritual journey of hope and redemption.

The song is driven by an uplifting melody with Butler’s passionate vocals and his signature guitar playing. “Seeing Angels” has become one of the trio’s most beloved songs, known for its inspiring lyrics and catchy chorus.

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