Looking For A City Lyrics

The Happy Goodmans

The Happy Goodmans - Looking For A City Lyrics


Words: W Oliver Cooper Music: Marvin P Dalton (1943)

(With strangers) We're a band of pilgrims on the move;
(Thru dangers) Burdened down with sorrows,
(And we're) shunned on every hand;
(But we are) Looking for a city built above.

Looking for a city, Yonder where we'll never die,
(And up) There the sainted millions,
(We will) Never say goodbye;
(Yes, and) There we'll meet our Savior,
And our loved ones too,
(Now we) Pray, Come, O Holy Spirit,
All our hopes renew.

(And earthly) friends no longer speak one word of love;
(But truly) We have found contentment, (Jesus) promised us a home,
(So we) Are looking for a city built above.

(We're simply) trusting in the blessed Savior's love;
(And mercy) tho' we may be strangers, (Living) In this world of care,
(We're always) Looking for a city built above.

Song & Lyrics Facts

"Looking For A City" is a classic gospel song released by The Happy Goodmans in 1985 on their album titled "The Best of the Happy Goodmans". This traditional-style Southern Gospel tune was written by Squire Parsons, and features Rusty Goodman (vocals), Vestal Goodman (vocals), Howard Goodman (vocals & guitar) and Sam Goodman (vocals).

This inspirational song speaks of faith and hope as it talks about how we are all searching for our heavenly home. It has become one of the most covered songs in the genre, with many artists recording their own versions over the years. With its uplifting lyrics and strong message, this timeless classic will continue to bring joy and peace to listeners for generations to come.

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