Tender Surrender Lyrics

Steve Vai

Steve Vai - Tender Surrender Lyrics


When we kiss my heart's on fire
Burning with a strange desire
And I know each time I kiss you
That your heart's on fire too
So my darling please surrender
All your love so warm and tender
Let me hold you in my arms, dear
While the moon shines bright above
All the stars will tell the story
Of our love and all its glory
Let us take this night of magic
And make it a night of love
Won't you please surrender to me
Your lips, your arms your heart dear
Be mine forever
Be mine tonight

Song & Lyrics Facts

Steve Vai's song "Tender Surrender" was released on his 1990 album, Passion and Warfare. The song was written by Steve Vai and produced by Mike Fraser.

It features the band of Steve Vai (guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drum programming), Dave Weiner (rhythm guitar) and Terry Bozzio (drums). The instrumental rock song is a fan favorite and showcases Vai's virtuosic guitar playing. It has been covered by many artists since its release in 1990. The lyrics of the song are a tribute to the power of love and surrendering oneself to its mysterious ways.

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