Soft Revolution Lyrics


Stars - Soft Revolution Lyrics


We are here to save your life
The fool, the drunk, the child and his wife
We won't let the sun go down
We're gonna chase the demons out of town

Sing it when you feel alone
Backwards through the megaphone
Sing it to the ones you love
And the ones you'd like to be rid of

We are here to take the blame
To take the taunts, and live the shame
We are here to make you feel
It terrifies you, but it's real

It will keep you up all night
And in a flood, the morning light
Spilling out across your room
You say the words will get there soon

The revolution wasn't bad
We hit the streets with all we had
Tape recording of the sound
Of the velvet underground

A kay way jacket torn to shreds
And a dream inside our heads
And after changing everything
They couldn't tell, we couldn't sing

After changing everything
They couldn't tell, they couldn't sing
They couldn't tell, we couldn't sing
And that changes everything

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