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St Germain

St Germain - Easy To Remember Lyrics


Here, at this final hour, in this quiet place
Harlem has come to bid farewell
To one of its brightest hopes
Extinguished now and gone from us, forever

For Harlem is where he worked
And where he struggled and fought
His home of homes, where his heart was
And where his people are

And it is therefore, most fitting
That we meet once again in Harlem
To share these last moments with him
The black man, black

For Harlem has ever been gracious
To those who have loved her, have fought for her
And have contended her honor
Even to the death

It is not in the memory of man that this , unfortunate
But nonetheless, proud community has found a braver
More gallant, young champion
Than this Afro-American, who lies before us
Black, black, black

Did you ever talk to brother Malcolm?
Did he ever touch you?
Did you have him smile at you?
Did you ever really listen to him?

Did he ever do a mean thing?
We must honor him
For what he was, and is
A prince, our black shinning prince

Song & Lyrics Facts

St Germain is a French electronic music artist known for his influential album Tourist (2000). The single "Easy to Remember" was released on the album in 2000 and became one of his most popular songs.

It was written by St Germain, with additional writing credits going to Christophe Deschamps and Pierre-Alain Dahan. The song features lyrics sung in English and French, backed by an upbeat jazz house beat. The song has become a classic among fans of St Germain's unique blend of house and jazz.

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