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Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants - Gary's Song Lyrics


Gary, now I know I was wrong
I messed up, and now you're gone

Gary, I'm sorry I neglected you
Oh, I never expected you to run away and leave me
Feeling this empty
Your meow right now would sound like music to me
Please come home, 'cause I miss you, Gary

(Gary come home...)
Gary come home
(Gary come home...)

Gary, can't you see I was blind
I'll do anything to change your mind

More than a pet, you're my best friend
Too cool to forget, come back
'Cause we are family
And forgive me for making you wanna roam

And now my heart is beating like the saddest metronome
Somewhere I hope you're reading my latest three-word
poem: Gary come home

(Gary come home...)
Gary come home
(Gary come home...)
Gary come home
(Gary come home...)
Gary come home
(Gary come home)
Gary, come home
Gary, come home
Gary, won't you come home
Please, won't you come home

Song & Lyrics Facts

Gary's Song is a song from SpongeBob SquarePants, the popular animated series. It was released on April 11, 2005 as part of the album The Best Day Ever.

The album was composed by Derek Drymon and Mark Harrison and produced by Steve Marston. The genre of Gary's Song is pop rock with elements of funk, jazz, and reggae. The lyrics were written by Drymon and Harrison and performed by Tom Kenny (the voice of SpongeBob). The band members include Kenny, Drymon, Harrison, and Marston. The song tells the story of SpongeBob's best friend, Gary the Snail, and his adventures in Bikini Bottom. It is an upbeat tune that captures the essence of friendship between SpongeBob and Gary. Gary's Song has become a fan favorite over the years, and it remains one of the most recognizable songs from the show. Lyrics such as "He's got a shell so big and green, but he don't take no guff from anyone" have been quoted by fans for years.

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