Feel Good Song Lyrics


Solange - Feel Good Song Lyrics


verse1.my family my friends and me the job I have the life i live.these are the
things that put a smile on my face .my face. my mama's food my daddy's.their
love for me, kisses and for me.these are the things that just plain make me
happay, happay/.b.section/ the things i love.make me appreciate.the things i
love, where i am today.the things i love..., dont go to fast.live it breathe it
like it's your last... it's the feel good song whenyou just take a moment to
reflect all the things that make you feel good.verse2.listening to music
waiting for cupid to find the one just having fun, these are the things that
make life what it is, it is.good.old.sundays being lazy chillin with my
girls, ignoring the world.these are the the things that life good to me to
live.chorus bridge.i just want to feel good with ya'll.just want feel good with
ya'll.the feel good song i want to feel good with y'all.just want to want to
feel good with ya'll.J.U.S.T want to feel with ya'll i know u want mind if i
feel good with ya'll chorus out.

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