Strong Man Lyrics

Shirley Caesar

Shirley Caesar - Strong Man Lyrics


Verse 1:
There's a strong man in this house,
With my spiritual eyes i can see.
Here's what this strong man
Is doing to my whole family:
He's got a grip on the feeble
And the spiritually blind;
Strong man you better leave here,
Because you're wasting your time.
Stong nan you gotta leave here,
Because you're wasting your time.
Verse 2:
There's a strong man in this house,
With my spiritual ears i can hear.
Everytime this strong man shows up,
It seems like love dissappears.
He's got a grip on your grandson,
He's holding on to somebody's daughter too;
But strong man you gotta get out of here,
Remember grace all of the children comes through you;
Strong man you gotta leave here,
Because you're wasting your time

Go, go,
By the power of the holy ghost.

Song & Lyrics Facts

"Strong Man" is a song by Shirley Caesar, released on her album His Name Is Wonderful in 1984. The gospel artist wrote the lyrics herself and it was produced by Andrae Crouch.

It has become one of her most well-known songs, with its powerful message about faith and determination. The song features an upbeat tempo and inspiring lyrics that encourage listeners to rely on their strength of spirit rather than worldly possessions. Band members include drummer Jeff Porcaro, bassist Nathan East, guitarist Michael Thompson, and keyboardist John Jarvis. The song's uplifting message resonated with fans, making it one of Shirley Caesar's signature tunes. In addition to being featured on several compilation albums over the years, "Strong Man" was also covered by country singer Reba McEntire in 1995. The song's lyrics speak of God as a strong man who can carry us through difficult times and provide us with courage and strength when needed. With lines such as “He’s my strong tower, He’s my shield,” and “My Lord is mighty enough to carry me through,” Shirley Caesar conveys a powerful message of hope and resilience. Her passionate vocals bring the song

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