Life Fades Away Lyrics

Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison - Life Fades Away Lyrics


Written by orbison/danzig
My time has come the clouds are calling.
December wind has came my way.
And now i feel the world falling.
All at once, it's too late.
Life fades away.

The night is my day.
All thoughts slip away
And even though, i must leave you.
Remember i love you.
I'll always be in your memories.
I will always be with you when i'm gone.

Hey, life fades away.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah.
Life fades away.

I'm tired on tomorrow.lost for today.
I long to be at peace forever.
My dull peace
And even though, i will miss you.
I must leave you.

Hey, life fades away.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah, yeah.
Life fades away.

So please forgive me.and try not to cry.
I long to be at peace forever more.
Forever more.

Oh yeah, yeah , yeah ,yeah ,yeah.
Oh yeah, yeah ,yeah , yeah, yeah.
Life fades away.
Life fades away.
Life fades away.away.

One last thing to say
Life fades away.

Song & Lyrics Facts

The song "Life Fades Away" is a track from Roy Orbison's 1971 album, titled "Memphis". It was written by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson.

The genre of the song falls under rock and roll/country music. Released in May 1971, the single reached number 24 on the US Billboard Country Singles chart. The band members included Roy Orbison (vocals, guitar), Bob Moore (bass guitar) and Bill Pursell (piano). The lyrics of the song talk about how life fades away with time, but one should never give up hope and keep trying to make it better. This message is conveyed through an upbeat melody that makes for a great listening experience.

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