Cut A Hole Lyrics


Radiohead - Cut A Hole Lyrics


Wish that I could come out of the fog
Superhero powers
Burst out of the sand
in a bunch of flowers
you just say the word that i wish it comes
with a long and winning handsome smile
wish we could connect
Step into the fog
of the diving board
blend into the light
down the cable lines
roll onto the earth

reforming on the wind
two places at once
taste the air with you
undo all the ties
wish that I could flip one of those lies
lift us on the wind
see that stretchy smile
Right across your
Cut a hole (2x)
a hole (2x).

Song & Lyrics Facts

Radiohead's song "Cut a Hole" is off their 2016 album, A Moon Shaped Pool. The track was written by Thom Yorke and the band Radiohead.

It has an ambient feel to it with its dark, ethereal soundscapes and dreamy lyrics. Released on May 8th, 2016, it is one of the most popular songs from the album. Lyrics include lines such as "I think I'm going to cut a hole/ To let the light come through." It captures the essence of hope in spite of despair that many of Radiohead's fans recognize and relate to.

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