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Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive - Horizons Lyrics


I -
So it begins,

Our eyes torn open.
Free from the thorns of doubt.
Free from our selfish confine.

Our. Blood. Restless. Ceaseless.
With open arms
We stand
Before the dawn.

II -
The sun seems to have been rising
ever since I can recall.
Lending a sense of permanence
to this lying world.

Your words, not worth the air.
Your life, not worth its weight in flesh.
To hope for something more.
To dream of substance.

Like a million before us, waiting to die.
Like a billion before us, waiting to die.

Masochistic, to think this would be remembered.
Sadistic, perpetuation of stagnation.

There is nothing as empty as waiting to die.
We spend our lives wasting, as time eats us alive. x2

The sun seems to have been falling ever since I can recall.
The only sense of permanence in this dying world.

Sit back and watch as time eats us alive.

Everyone who knew me, Destined to die.
The marks I left upon this world will wash away.

In time, and so it ends.
In time, it all finds an end.
In time, and so it ends.
In time, We all find an end.

With broken arms and hollow eyes,
await our return to oblivion.
Embrace our last empty horizon. Horizons

Song & Lyrics Facts

Parkway Drive's song Horizons was released on October 26th, 2007 as part of their album of the same name. The writers for this track are Winston McCall, Jeff Ling and Luke Kilpatrick, who make up the metalcore band Parkway Drive from Byron Bay, Australia.

It is a powerful demonstration of the band's signature sound which combines melodic hardcore with heavy metal. Lyrics such as "We will not be forgotten" and "Our time has come to stand our ground" have become anthems for fans around the world.

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