Snake Charmer Lyrics

Panjabi MC

Panjabi MC - Snake Charmer Lyrics


Patto Khari Mour Tay AA KAy
Chakh Lo Hatha Nu Thuk La Kay
O Dil TArpandi PHirdi AA
Kuri Naganni Wargi, Dang Chalandi Phirdi A

O La kay Chashma Kala Kala
Gut Da Naag THodia Wala
O Jinay Khumandi Phirdi Aa
Kuri NAgni Wargi, Dang Chalaundi Phirdi A

Pai MAnjeeet Puray Da Cheli
O Patto Pichay Ban Gia Waile
Oo Door Satandi Phirdi Aa
Kuri NAgni Wargi Dang Chalandi Phirdi A Oye

Song & Lyrics Facts

Panjabi MC's song Snake Charmer was released in 2002 from his album Legalised. The track was written by Panjabi MC and produced by Bally Sagoo.

It features a mixture of Punjabi vocals, bhangra beats, and reggae basslines. The lyrics tell the story of a snake charmer who is trying to charm snakes with his music. He eventually succeeds in charming the snakes away, thus saving himself from danger. The single reached number 19 on the UK charts and became one of Panjabi MC's most popular songs.

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