It’S Gettin’ Better (Man!!) Lyrics


Oasis - It’S Gettin’ Better (Man!!) Lyrics


Say something shout it from the rooftops of your head
Make it sort of mean something make me understand
Or I'll forget

The people here on life's beaches
They wish upon a wave that hide the sand
Let them know that life teaches you
To build a castle in your hand

(Bridge): Maybe the songs that we sing are wrong
Maybe the dreams that we dream are gone
So bring it on home and it won't be long

(Chorus): It's getting better man! Hey!
What was that you said to me?
Just say the word and I'd be free?
And when the stars are shining bright
It's getting better man!
And crashing in upon a wave
It's calling out beyond the grave
And we're the fire in the sky
It's getting better man!

Build something, build a better place and call it home
Even if it means nothing you'll never-ever feel that you're alone


Song & Lyrics Facts

Oasis is a British rock band formed in 1991. The song It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!) was released on their third studio album, Be Here Now, on August 21st 1997.

The track was written by lead vocalist Liam Gallagher and guitarist Noel Gallagher and produced by Owen Morris. The lyrics explore themes of hope, faith and the idea that things will eventually get better despite life's struggles. In the chorus, Liam sings “It’s getting better all the time, it can't rain forever man, never mind the weather man, it’s gonna be alright”. Musically, the song features an upbeat tempo with a classic Oasis sound featuring distorted electric guitars and tight drums.

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