A Baby For Pree Lyrics

Neutral Milk Hotel

Neutral Milk Hotel - A Baby For Pree Lyrics


Blistering Pree, all smiling and swollen
Makes babies to breathe
With their hearts hanging open
All over the sheets as soft as beets
In some brown dresser drawer
And with bees in her breath,
And the rest of her ringing
They'll sting through her chest
With a force hard and beating,
'Till wonderfully wet she will get
Until she's soaked inside her clothes.
And there is no sorry to be sorry for,
For a roll around the floor
Some afternoon so sound and soft,
It made her swallow all her sweat
With every bit of breath she coughs,
And when the day it came to pour
All her babies all across the bathroom floor
She will be swimming in them all forever more.

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