Can We Chill Lyrics


Ne-Yo - Can We Chill Lyrics


Baby don't you be so mean
I try to keep my conversation clean
But you the flyest thing i seen
Since i came up in here you a superstar my dear
I don't wanna waist your time
With no corny playa lines
But girl if you dont mind
I will love to occupy the space right by your side
Girl can we chill
Talk about leavin together sure we will
But just for now don't let my champagne spill on you
As you make your move to the floor floor floor floor
Later i'll do everything you want me to
Makin love to you
Beg for more more more more
Shawty speakin honestly
I can picture you and me
Bein ever so discreet
Disappearin to the back of this club imagine that
Baby dont get mad at me
No baby girl i was just playin
Unless you really wanna go
Your in control just let me know
But right now my song is playin
Let's take it to the floor
Ooh don't wanna rush let's take it slow
Enjoy the night babe
Then you decide if you want to
Get to know me on a physical side
Baby tonight let's get right

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