Alabama Lyrics

Nasty C Feat. Genuine & Sylar

Nasty C Feat. Genuine & Sylar - Alabama Lyrics


Casually walkin' in...
1 (Nasty C)
I was casually walkin' in
Casually walkin' towards your b*tch
I can't really talk to you,pardon me
I am on a mission call me seargent,yeah
Now you got a badman status,yeah
Is it really hard to see, that its not a part of
Thats made of pus*y even though I was
Made in it,I'm hot like
I was made in the backyard of it
I am not like? I am hard as it
I'm smooth as butter, but I dont move or
Utter, a word till the day I see myself on
Top of bread
Short n*gga but the racks stand opposite
I'm a diamond n*gga yes
And I shine effortless,in this water I taught
A shark to swim
I'm young and reckless
Now my youngin's yelling out gang gang
Gang gang like they're a part of it

I'm on some Alabama sh*t
J walkin' in

Song & Lyrics Facts

Nasty C feat. Genuine & Sylar released the song "Alabama" on April 3rd, 2020 as part of Nasty C's third studio album Zulu Man With Some Power.

The track was written by Nasty C, Genuine and Sylar, with production from Gemini Major. The lyrics explore themes of ambition and success in a modern world, offering an uplifting message to listeners. The chorus is delivered by both Nasty C and Genuine, with Sylar adding his own verse for extra flavor. The song has been praised for its hard-hitting beat and inspirational lyrics.

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