A Place In My Heart Lyrics

Nana Mouskouri

Nana Mouskouri - A Place In My Heart Lyrics


(J.P.Ferland / Shaper)
I got your letter yesterday
From some small town I never knew
It told me you were on your way
But not where you were going to

You said you're following the sun
But do you really know for sure
For after all is said and done
Just what it is you' re looking for

There' s a place in my heart
I wish that your eyes could see
And there' s no one on earth
Who loves you as much as me

If you just travel on and on
Till I don't know where
There's a place in my heart
You may never find again

And so you travel with the wind
You' ll find some road to fly along
And though your letter says the word
Your heart may soon forget the song

Then you may someday write the poem
That tells your life in words of fire
But you will never have a home
Or find the love that you desire

(Repeat 3-4-)

And so heading for the sea
Now that the flowers are in bloom
Just when the wild mimosa tree
Is like the colour of our room
(Repeat 4)

Song & Lyrics Facts

Nana Mouskouri's song "A Place in My Heart" is a beautiful ballad that was released on her album Only Love: The Ultimate Collection in 2004. Written by Michael Masser, the lyrics are about finding love and peace within one’s self.

Nana Mouskouri has been described as an international singing star with a career spanning over five decades. She has sold more than 300 million records worldwide, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. The genre of this song is soft pop and it features backing vocals from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. It also includes contributions from several other musicians such as John Parricelli (guitar), Paul Robinson (drums) and Chris Laurence (bass). In addition to its touching lyrics, the song offers a moving combination of strings and piano which gives it a unique sound.

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