Among My Souvenirs Lyrics

Marty Robbins

Marty Robbins - Among My Souvenirs Lyrics


There's nothing left for me of days that used to be
There's just a memory among my souvenirs

Some letters tied in blue, a photograph or two
I find a rose from you among my souvenirs

A few more tokens rest down in my treasure chest
And though they do their best to give me consolation

I count them all apart and as the teardrops start
I find a broken heart among my souvenirs

I live in memories among my souvenirs

Song & Lyrics Facts

Marty Robbins' song "Among My Souvenirs" was released in 1960, on his album More Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs. Written by Edgar Leslie and Horatio Nicholls, the song is a slow-tempo country ballad about lost love and remembering past relationships through keepsakes and memorabilia.

The lyrics tell of a man who looks back at all the souvenirs he has kept from past loves, including photographs, letters, and mementos. Marty Robbins performed this song with his backing band, which included guitar, drums, bass, and strings. The song's heartfelt lyrics have become a classic staple in country music over the years.

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