Kiss Niagara Lyrics

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe - Kiss Niagara Lyrics


(Hold, hold me)
(Kiss me, hold me, kiss me, hold me...)
Kiss, kiss me
Say you miss, miss me
Kiss me love, with heavenly affection
Hold, hold me close to you
Hold me, see me through
With all your heart's protection
Thrill, thrill me
With your charms
Take me, in your arms
And make my life perfection
Kiss, kiss me darling
Then, kiss me once again
Make my dreams come true
(This is the moment, oh thrill me)
Thrill me, thrill me (with your charms)
Take me, take me (in your arms)
And make my life perfection
Take me, darling don't foresake me
Kiss me
Hold me tight
Love me, love me tonight
(Kiss me, hold me, take me, love me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me)

Song & Lyrics Facts

Marilyn Monroe - Kiss Niagara is a song released in 1954 and was originally recorded by Marilyn Monroe. It was written by Billy May and Milton DeLugg and produced by Joe Carlton.

The genre of the song is Jazz/Pop and it was included on her album, "The Essential Collection". Kiss Niagara was recorded with members from the Billy May Orchestra including Hal Schaefer (piano), Al Hendrickson (guitar) and Red Mitchell (bass). Lyrics for the song were written by Billy May and Milton DeLugg. Interesting facts about the song include that it was featured in the 1956 film “Bus Stop” starring Marilyn Monroe.

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