Vamos A Bailar Lyrics

Maria Conchita

Maria Conchita - Vamos A Bailar Lyrics


Vamos a bailar
Esta noche
Vamos a gozar
Hasta la mañana
Rio, lloro si quiero
Cuanto te ansiaba libertad
Mira ¿ves? Los sueños si existen, mi amigo
La libertad
Hoy vamos a bailar
Esta noche, esta noche
Vamos a bailar (vamos a bailar)
Esta noche (mm, esta noche)
Vamos a gozar (vamos a gozar)
Gasta la mañana (hasta la mañana)
Vamos a bailar


"Vamos a Bailar" is a song by Maria Conchita, released on her self-titled album in 1988. The song was written by Ricardo Eddy Martinez and José Alfredo Jimenez.

It was produced by Rudy Perez and arranged by Claudio Slon. The track features the Latin pop band Los Kumbia Kings as backing musicians. With its romantic lyrics and catchy chorus, "Vamos a Bailar" has become one of Maria Conchita's most popular songs. Fans of all ages can enjoy this upbeat dance tune that encourages listeners to get up and move their feet.

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