Wanting You More Lyrics

Lukie D

Lukie D - Wanting You More Lyrics


You make me
You make you make me...
You me fall in love
Ooh you

Gal you know you make me...
keep wanting you more
when you breake free n Walking in my door
Gal you make me
keep wanting you more
when you make me
You break me to wanting you more

I Knew we were just ment to be when i look into eyes
So caught up in what i see that i didn't realize
Gal if it's a fantasy well let me live a lie
So caught up I'm caught up with you all the time

First time Imet her stayed out together
that's what I wanna do
(that's what I wanna do)
For the worst for the better
Nothing can't matter
What I have to be through
Ooh Babe
But hundred letter that's What I sent her to express i'm part of you
It must be love real, real love coz all i think about is you

I feel (i feel) that this is Something that i need
Nobody is telling me that you wanting me and that is Now i know it's personally
Now we're togather feels like forever
Baby me and you

It gives me pleasure make me Tresure all of the things you do
So much better since I met her it's like a dream come true
Baby it's me n' you & you for Me I'm planning over new

Song & Lyrics Facts

Lukie D's "Wanting You More" was released on October 24, 2001 as part of his album, Luvaholic. The song was written by Lukie D and produced by Donovan Germain.

The single features a combination of reggae and R&B sounds that make it an infectious listen. The lyrics tell the story of a man who is desperately wanting more out of his relationship with a woman. He expresses how he feels she doesn't appreciate him or understand his feelings for her and wishes to be closer to her. With its catchy chorus and memorable melodies, "Wanting You More" has become one of Lukie D's most beloved hits.

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