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Lebaron - Piel Lyrics


Corazón latente estallas en mi oído
Nervios de platino empiezan a correr en mi
Si pudieras verme como soy por dentro
No me abrazarías, no me desearías tanto

Sin piel, nada importa ya no existo mas
Salte de mi habitación
Nadie te ha llamado deja de pensar en mi

Con todas mis fuerzas quiero que te alejes
Dime solamente como te imaginas
Como me imaginas hoy, como me imaginas
Sin piel nada importa ya no existo mas

Sin miedo solamente así podrás tenerme
Si te desespero y no te espero ya no vayas a seguirme
Con un movimiento semi-lento
Me deshago de mis capas
Sin piel

Sin piel
Nada importa ya no existo mas

Song & Lyrics Facts

LeBaron - Piel is a song released on the album "Gente" in 2018. The song was written by LeBaron, an alternative rock band from Mexico City, and produced by Jacobo Lieberman.

It has become one of the group's most popular singles, with its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics. The song is about the joys and struggles of everyday life, and how it can be difficult to find balance between them. The lyrics focus on trying to stay true to oneself despite the challenges that life throws our way. With this message, LeBaron hopes to inspire people to keep going no matter what.

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