How Does It Feel (Married Your Girl) Lyrics

Kelly Price

Kelly Price - How Does It Feel (Married Your Girl) Lyrics



How Does It Feel
Now That You Know
You Could've Had Me
But You Let Me Go
You're On The Outside
Of Your Own World
Cuz Someone Else Married
Married Your Girl.

Verse 1

Destiny Said We Were To Be
But You Tested Fate So
You Could Run Free.
Now You Watch In Disbelief
While Someone Else Is Living Your Life With Me


Your Wife, Your Kids, Your House, Your Cars
Your White Picket Fence Around Your Green Acred Lawn
Was Written Long Before You Were Born
You Gave It Away, Oh What A Mistake!

Verse 11

All Along You Wasted Time
Scared To Settle Down And Make Up Your Mind.
But Was It Worth It All?
To Do Your Do?
To See Him Walking Everyday In Your Shoes!

Song & Lyrics Facts

"How Does It Feel (Married Your Girl)" is a song by American singer Kelly Price, released in 2020. The single was taken from her tenth studio album Sing Pray Love Vol.

1: Sing, which was released on August 28th, 2020. The track is an R&B/Soul song with lyrics written by Price and production handled by Eric Dawkins. Band members included Price singing lead vocals along with backing vocals provided by fellow artist T-Pain. The song details the joys of being married to your best friend, as Price sings about the love and commitment she has for her husband. She also talks about the beauty of marriage and how it feels to be married to someone you truly care about. With its soulful vibes and heartfelt lyrics, "How Does It Feel (Married Your Girl)" is sure to make listeners feel all the emotions that come with true love.

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